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Roped Off / Garrincha split Tape
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WEIRD-080 Roped Off / Garrincha - split Tape

Channelling the ghost of Carl Sagan, Roped Off rip through the space-time continuum on their return to Weird Forest. On their side of the split, Mike Haley and Dave Doyen deliver a moodier piece than was found on their first Weird Forest tape.. This time out is all grimy atmospheric sci-f soundscape that focuses on mood and develops at a leisurely pace.

The other side of the split finds Garrincha dropping their first sounds since shortening their name. After a brief encounter with the supernatural, Garrincha present a travelogue of sorts, with two pieces built around field recordings from their July 2011 national tour.

Special tour edition release limited to 75 copies.
Roped Off / Garrincha - split Tape

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Roped Off Rides The Lightning/Kills 'Em All c47 Tape
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WEIRD-061 Roped Off - Rides The Lightning/Kills 'Em All c47 Tape


Mike Haley (Wether/905 Tapes) and Dave Doyen (Vales/2AM Tapes) join forces again as Roped Off to drop this strangely named cassette.



But dispel any notions of heavy metal moves -- side A is a funky, well-paced, ever-evolving synth mutant jammer, with intricate melodies and rhythms weaving in and out to move the piece along. Side B sees an ambient fog settling down over the whole affair, a perfect comedown.


Art by Roped Off. Hand-numbered limited edition of 60 cassettes (+ second pressing of 10 tapes in black cassette shells) come in embossed, hand-assembled playing-card style boxes.
Sold Out!

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