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Pump Kinn, Don / Miller, Shields Virgin Passwords Split LP
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Weird-050 Pump Kinn, Don / Miller, Shields - Virgin Passwords Split LP

So Cal noise Nor Cal.

Recorded at the end of nearly nine months of touring, Virgin Passwords reflects a long evolution in sound and concept for Brian Miller & Kevin Shields. A combination of mechanical grindings and digital sweeps, mortal shovings and sudden transportations into secret chambers hold the secrets of the Virgins themselves. The Virgins that control the universe. The mafia of the cosmos. Beyond the cliched metaphor of purity and straight to literally not having sex at all. Because a Brian Miller & Kevin Shields performance proves that a noise show can be (hyper)active, crowd-engaging and knock everything to the floor without invoking angst and self loathing. In other words, without hate-fucking everyone. Virgins.

Pump Kinn & Don: Hijokaidan by DJ Screw.

One side apiece from each of these duos of destruction, with beautiful DJ-Style jackets designed by Aaron Winters.
Limited to 300 copies.

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Pump Kinn Aunte Donne 3" CD
Sold Out!
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Weird-3CD Pump Kinn - Aunte Donne 3

Pump Kinn is Michelle.

Whether gliding on the diamond lakes on a porcelan swan or herding the wild equestrian hordes on top the tenebrous mountains she molds the loveliest concoctions of throat plumage confection and the most crepuscular cacophonous caterwauling of a thousand shrill stallions. Admirers of Diamanda and Fursaxa rejoice.

Unique, six-panel fold-out accordion sleeve designed by Aaron Winters.
Limited to 500 copies.
Sold Out!

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