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Gustafsson & Paal Nilssen-Love , Mats I Love It When You Snore LP+7"
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WEIRD-063 Gustafsson & Paal Nilssen-Love , Mats - I Love It When You Snore LP+7

Mats Gustafsson is perhaps the pre-eminent saxophonist of this post-free jazz/improv era. A perfect combination of Peter Brotzmann's fiery passion, Evan Parker's extended technique and Ken Vandermark's willingness to explode genre boundaries, Gustafsson's discography spans over two decades and sports numerous must-hear recordings with a long laundry list of collaborators, including such luminaries as Brotzmann, Vandermark, Joe McPhee, Jim O'Rourke, Derek Bailey, Sonic Youth and The Ex. Illustrious company to be sure but one of his most important musical partnerships throughout his career has been with Norwegian drummer, Paal Nilssen-Love. The pair have collarborated numerous times as a duo and in larger ensembles, playing music ranging from paint-peeling free improv to more accessible rock arrangements. Here at Weird Forest, I Love It When You Snore has always been a favorite album of the duo (CD 2001, Smalltown Supersound) and we are proud to issue it on our preferred vinyl format, along with a special bonus 7" chronicling the first ever musical meeting of Gustafsson and Nilssen-Love. It's rare that such historical moments are preserved for posterity so we are beyond pleased to have this opportunity. Here are Mats' thoughts on this release:

I found something really spectacular in my archive -- the very first recording and the first music I did with paal ever from 1998! It is a recording with some Swedish musicians but also includes a separate duo track of 6 minutes length -- music is freakin BURNIN!!!! It also has some amazing conversation in the beginning of the track, a dada-like exchange between the great drummer Raymond Strid and legendary sax player Bengt Nordström, the guy that produced Albert Aylers first LP, Something Different!!!! on his own label Bird Notes. Bengt died 10 years ago but he was like a master to me. I totally forgot that he was at this concert. We are really happy about this release -- its a very special recording for both of us. I Love It When U Snore is one of my all time faves. Extreme dynamics and very well recorded, seriously it's insane. There's a great story about this specific CD being used to empty a bar in Oslo at closing time. It's a really great bar, very noisy and a lot of musicians and artists go there. But when the owners really want to empty the bar quick, they just put on I Love It When U Snore and the place is empty withoin seconds. We are very happy about this fact. I'm very very happy that it will be on vinyl now.

Layout by Sean Johannessen.
Includes bonus 7" archiving 1st ever meeting between Mats & Paal.

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