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Inca Ore Brute Nature Vs. Wild Magic LP
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Weird-011 Inca Ore - Brute Nature Vs. Wild Magic LP

Inca Ore is the solo voice of Eva, the singer of such fine bands as Alarmist and Malibu Falcon. Inca Ore travels the cosmos on firey phoenix mattresses with the voice of a goose-quilled cloud pillow siren calling to all the constellations in the universe. Eva uses her vocal range and delay complement to create the sounds of entire sorceress covens through her lone voice. Lovely psychedelic drone mixed with narcoleptic folk. An enchantress of the highest order! Side A was previously issued as a CD-R in a small pressing of 100 copies on the Collective Jyrk label. The b-side is a brand new track consisting of one astounding, 18-minute interstellar vocal trance-out!

First pressing was wrapped in beautiful silk-screened jackets. Second pressing in “different but the same” offset-printed jackets.
First pressing of 450 copies (200 on baby blue vinyl, 250 on black vinyl) is SOLD OUT!. Second pressing of 500 (black vinyl only)still available.

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