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Family Underground Black Hole 2LP
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Weird-019 Family Underground - Black Hole 2LP

Family Underground drenched the east coast of the USA in molten syrup last year and they toted along a tour CD-R entitled Black Hole released by the fine folk of Secret Eye. Mega-bummed I didn’t get to feel their magic live but I ordered that tour disc post-haste. Man, when I got it I was slain. I thought it was their finest work to date so I had to invoke it on vinyl. I tapped into the band’s communication network and together we figured this would make a killer double LP, definitely one for the record books. So The Underground sent me a half hour of unreleased musics to fill the vinyl sides to fruition. Holy Hannah was I unprepared for A! How well the new jams mind-melded with the other tracks. And B — the superb variation of the entire work with paramount peaks and deep arcane valleys. Get it and trip!

Art by The Family Underground
Limited To 500 copies.

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