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Dead Western Self-Titled 7"
Weird-040 Dead Western - Self-Titled 7

Dead Western plays the type of music that makes genres obsolete. It is not that DW does the cross genre pollination clusterbarf, but that Troy Mighty’s sounds exist outside of any one (or two or five) genres. Perhaps, just perhaps the music recalls the mellow, introspective side of Current 93 or the druggy downer folkishness of Legendary Pink Dots but that is stretching things as much as claiming that Troy’s voice is a melted version of Bing Crosby. Yes, there are elements of downerism and croonerdom in Dead Western, but DW goes deeper than weird and depressing. There is something beautiful in this bizarre world. Definitely not for the orthodox, but also far from being so out there that the music is incomprehensible. I am very much taken with this record.”—Scott Soriano, Z-Gun

Alexa writes: “In shadow, he appears neanderthal; in light, he waxes angelic. Who is Dead Western? He is a man of a gaping mouth, out of which pours — as readily as water from a faucet — a haunting, bewildering, beautiful voice, reminiscent of Scott Walker (circa Climate of Hunter). This bellowing voice, like an ancient reptile, slithers and wraps itself around the most tender acoustic melodies. Dead Western sounds like a forest growing (the throatless groaning of age-old trees); feels like a Victorian passage through limbo (grey, ominous); looks like a Grecian statue (as drawn by Robert Crumb). This is the sort of music one feels profoundly acquainted with — but not something generally found in record format. It is the shifting of rock, the scuttling of insects, the hissing of the wind: frightful, eternal.”

Each full color sleeve meticulously and individually die-cut by Troy’s own hand.
Limited to 500 hand-crafted copies on clear vinyl.

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