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Bathing Druid Beltane Loofah 7"
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Weird-066 Bathing Druid - Beltane Loofah 7

It’s true of Bathing Druid, as it’s probably true of all major proverbs, 80-syllable titles of old-fashioned royalty, and a good deal of e.e. cummings’ later poetry: it all started with a Madlibs-derivative word game.

Despite the unbelievable weight of its results, the game is surprisingly basic. It requires three players, each of whom independently chooses one word to fill in a sentence, the structure of which is always the same from round to round (“What is a (noun) but an (adjective) (noun)?”). When the sentence is filled in with sufficiently vague, timeless words, the game can conjure some profound questions. In fact, if you read all of the obscure, sometimes omitted footnotes to the texts of the ancient philosophers, you will find one consistent source from which knowledge has been universally drawn since the dawn of time: The Sentence Game. (Modern technology has brought about the height of the game’s productivity, through a widespread experiment, being conducted in zoos everywhere: for years, chimpanzees have been arbitrarily pontificating, through machines designed to offer random words at the press of a button.) As previously mentioned, it was through this game that Bathing Druid got its name (the result of the fated round was, “What is the midwest but a bathing druid?”). Philosophical doors swung wide open when first this question was asked, and Bathing Druid like Brigadoon descended on the Earth — an apparition, both quick to enchant and to disappear. Luckily, those who stumbled upon the band in its brief window of being need not wait 100 years for its next appearance. This 7" record is the only known artyfact of Bathing Druid. All songs were created within one week, and recorded in one day. May the Beltane Loofah wash you clean and make you new.

Artwork by Bathing Druid
Limited to 150 copies.

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